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Dear Reception families,


I hope you had a lovely half-term break in the sunshine!


There are many of you returning to school this week on Wednesday and I am very much looking forward to seeing you! When you come back to school it may be a little bit different. I have moved some of the tables into a different place and you might be in a new room. Lots of things are still the same though – your room will be still be full of fun, learning and laughter, just like it always was!


Some of your friends may be in a different room and some might be at home. We are all still friends and we still care about each other and think about each other, even when we’re not together.


For those of you who are not returning to school, I will try and let you know what we are covering in class, so that you can have a go at the activities at home. I will be busy teaching in the classroom every day, however you are still welcome to send me emails of what you have been learning at home. I may not always have time to reply but please don’t feel discouraged if you don’t hear from me.


Have a great week!


Mrs Hawley

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