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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Our teacher in Year 2 is Mrs Brodrick and our Teaching Assistant is Miss Woodage.
We are very effective learners in Year 2 and enjoy learning about lots of different topics.
Use the links below to find out about class information, our learning, School trips, and links to fun and interesting learning activities. 
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We have begun learning about shapes and their properties. Have a look at this game and test your skills!



We have been learning about past tense verbs and using these in our writing. Can you launch the rocket by selecting the correct past tense verbs? 

Other Subjects 


In Computing, we have been learning to use the programme Scratch; we have been creating our own stages and sprites, and learning to use coding to instruct the sprites to move, change appearance and include sounds.  In RE we have been learning about special books and stories, while in Art and DT we have been investigating and making our own puppets and buildings, linking to our learning about Sir Christopher Wren.  In PE, we have been learning attacking and defending tactics in games, carrying out athletics and preparing for Sports Day.