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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Teacher: Mrs Brodrick 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs North, Mrs Couchman and Mrs Cardoz

Meet the adults who will be working with you this year!

Walk for Water - 26.3.21

This Friday we will be taking part in a "Walk for Water". You can wear something blue and you'll will need to bring an empty bottle to school along with your donation. You will be learning about how difficult it is for some people to get clean fresh water and by walking laps of the playground carrying your bottle of water, you'll get a feel for how hard it would be to have to collect all your water every day. All the money we collect will be shared equally between Water Aid and Emmanuel. Please be as generous as you can and help support this project which was initiated by the Eco-Team.

Welcome Back Year 2!

Well, you did it!  laugh 

You completed 8 weeks of learning at home and I couldn't be more proud of you!

Remind me to put some smileys in the jar!

We can't wait to see you all back in class on Monday morning - don't forget to bring your

book bags, PE kits, water bottles and your biggest, shiniest smiles!


Mrs Brodrick, Mrs North, Mrs Cardoz and Mrs Couchman

Spring Term Overview of Learning

This term’s Science work will begin by looking at “Animals and Habitats” and then move on to planning and carrying out some investigations based around “Materials and their Properties”. Our History topic introduces the children to two important women from the past: Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We find out why these two nurses are so famous and compare their lives and their achievements. In Geography, we look at Famous Landmarks of the United Kingdom and study daily and seasonal weather patterns. Will our weather chart feature any “snow days” this year? The children will learn a variety of different printing skills in their Art lessons and will also have the opportunity to attend a screen printing workshop at the River and Rowing Museum. As vehicle designers in Design Technology, we explore how wheels and axels work. Using this knowledge the children design and make their own go-carts for Tiny Ted. PE this term focuses on Gymnastics and Dance where children learn to memorise and perform sequences of movements, and work collaboratively in pairs and small groups.

RE in the Spring Term will focus on The Bible as an important sacred text. Children look at a range of different Bibles and find out about how this book is structured and how it came to be written. We will explore why this book is so important to Christians and how it teaches people to live their lives. We look in detail at some key messages and stories from the Bible, finishing with the Easter Story.


We begin by diving into the deliciously naughty world of “Horrid Henry” which gives us the opportunity to write our own stories and character descriptions. Next, we become poets, writing poems based on windy weather. Learning about bees in science gives us the opportunity to write a non-chronological report. The children are then introduced to a British Classic – “The Wind in the Willows”. At the end of term, we visit Henley River and Rowing Museum where the popular Wind in the Willows exhibition really brings this tale to life.

This term continues to consolidate the children’s understanding of place value, encouraging them to be more confident with 3-digit numbers. Children will practise key addition and subtraction methods in a range of contexts including money. They learn the names of 3-d shapes and their properties, and learn to read all the times on an analogue clock. A big focus for this term is multiplication, division and fractions so it will be more important than ever to practise those multiplication facts on Times Tables Rock Stars.