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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Teacher: Mrs Brodrick 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs North, Mrs Couchman and Mrs Cardos

Meet the adults who will be working with you this year!

Year 2 Information Meeting For Parents

As we are unable to hold our usual face to face meetings to welcome you to your child's new year group, please head to the Video Centre (See Home Learning) to find an information video which I have recorded for you to watch instead.

Autumn Term Overview


Our Autumn Term is packed full of exciting topics. Every year, one of the children’s favourites is our History Unit on The Great Fire of London where we investigate the facts surrounding this dramatic event. Our Design Technology project invites the children to design and make a puppet that could accompany a children’s story book. In Science we will be learning about how to take care of ourselves and we’ll investigate different materials and how they can be changed by bending, twisting, squashing and stretching them. In our computing lessons, we learn how to send emails, carry out Internet research to learn about the history of the World Wide Web and produce a PowerPoint to share our learning. Fieldwork skills are the focus of our Geography work this term and we get plenty of opportunities to draw different types of map. In art, we look at how William Morris created nature-themed patterns we use these ideas to create our own collage patterns. We will learn more about pitch in our Music Lessons when we will learn to sing and play along to various traditional songs and rounds. Our PE topics will focus on Fitness, Invasion Games and Dance.


RE in the Autumn Term will begin by exploring Christian Leaders. Children will think about who teaches them right from wrong and learn about the role of a vicar. We look in detail at how Jesus used parables to teach people about how to live their lives. Later in the term we look at a number of different Christian celebrations beginning with Remembrance Sunday and ending with an in depth study of the Christmas Story.




During the course of this term the children are introduced to a range of high quality texts from different genres. They will enjoy stories about dragons and superheroes, information books about owls and The Great Fire of London and will end the term with a classic poem – The Owl and the Pussycat. The focus for our English this term is to teach children to recognise and use nouns and adjectives, as well as knowing how to identify and use different sentence types. Children will become increasingly confident with different types of punctuation and will gain stamina and independence in their writing.



This main focus for Maths this term is to secure the children’s understanding of place value and ensure that they have a solid understanding of key addition and subtraction facts. They will also be taught addition and subtraction methods which will then be used to solve maths problems in a range of contexts. Children learn how to compare numbers using the < and > symbols and practise plotting numbers on a landmarked number line. In addition, the children learn the names and properties of 2-d shapes and think about how we describe position and location in a mathematical context.

Autumn Term Home Learning Grid