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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Our teacher in Year 2 is Mrs Brodrick and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bolt.


Spring Term


This term’s Science work will begin by looking at “Animals and Habitats” and then move on to planning and carrying out some investigations based around “Materials and their Properties”. Our History topic introduces the children to two important women from the past: Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We find out why these two nurses are so famous and compare their lives and their achievements. In Geography, we look at Famous Landmarks of the United Kingdom and study daily and seasonal weather patterns. Will our weather chart feature any “snow days” this year? The children will learn a variety of different printing skills in their Art lessons and will also have the opportunity to attend a screen printing workshop at the River and Rowing Museum. As vehicle designers in Design Technology, we explore how wheels and axels work. Using this knowledge the children design and make their own go-carts for Tiny Ted. PE this term focuses on Gymnastics and Dance where children learn to memorise and perform sequences of movements, and work collaboratively in pairs and small groups.


RE in the Spring Term will focus on The Bible as an important sacred text. Children look at a range of different Bibles and find out about how this book is structured and how it came to be written. We will explore why this book is so important to Christians and how it teaches people to live their lives. We look in detail at some key messages and stories from the Bible, finishing with the Easter Story.


Home Learning


Crowthorne Church of England Primary School


Year 2 – Spring Term


This term we would like Home Learning to focus on reading, spelling and times tables. Children should have the opportunity to read at home daily and to read and share a book with an adult regularly.



Please record five times a week in your child’s reading record with a focus on the target given in their books.



Please help your child to learn their spellings and practise them regularly. Children need to be able to spell the words correctly in the context of a dictated sentence.

In addition, your child will have a list of year group specific words which you can support your child with. Please be reassured that we do teach these in school but additional support at home is beneficial.


Times Tables

All children from Year 1-6 have a Times Tables log in. The expectation is that they will be logging on a couple of times a week to use the games and resources to secure their knowledge of times tables.

It is expected that Year 2 will be confident with their 2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x tables by the end of the year.



Your child has been given a log in for Abacus Maths. They will be allocated games regularly to consolidate concepts taught in class. Log on weekly to check whether a new game has been added.


Home Learning Projects

Please find below three projects which the children are invited to choose from if they wish to complete in addition to the above.


1) Art: Try “Tape Resist Printing”. Use masking tape to create outlines, letters or patterns on a

    large piece of paper. Then use a sponge to print different colours over the top. When the

    paint is dry, peel off the tape to reveal your design!


2) Geography: Tiny Ted wants to visit some famous places in the UK but can’t decide where to go. Can you suggest some ideas? Create a travel brochure with information under      differentheadings eg. castles, beaches, cities, famous buildings. (Minimum of 200 words.)


3) Science: TBC






We have begun learning about shapes and their properties. Have a look at this game and test your skills!



We have been learning about past tense verbs and using these in our writing. Can you launch the rocket by selecting the correct past tense verbs? 

Year 2 Class Reading List