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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Our teachers in Year 5 are Mrs Parker and Mrs Jones

and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Bradley.

Message for September Year 6s on Year 6 page :-)  Mrs Smith

The Tempest

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Hi Year 5,

As promised the link to compose your own music using a device is google chrome music lab.



Romeo and Juliet (abridged Orchard Classics version)

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Maths Homework:


Please log on to TTRS every day. We will check your accounts next on Monday 19th July.


Log on to your Active Learn account to play the game, Smack the Shack 5.30c. This focuses on times tables. 


Alternatively, you can complete the sheet 5.30 on line graphs - there are copies on the noticeboard in the classroom, or use the link below.


Reading Focus Target for Week Commencing: 28th June 2021

Deadline: Monday 5th June 2021


Understand what they read by beginning to make simple summaries of the main ideas drawn from more than one paragraph, identifying key details that support the main ideas.


Action: In class, we have been summarising what we have read. This week, I would like you write a written summary for a chapter of your book. Remember this is only a summary so you don’t need to put in unnecessary details , but make sure you don’t leave any main points out.  


Please also make sure a parent has signed your Reading Record.

Spellings Set: 01-07-21 Tested: 08-07-21

Spellings Set: 24-06-21 Tested: 01-07-21

Optional Science Homework Task

Find out more about marsupials.

We are so proud of you all. Despite the wind and the rain you all shone. A great day at Oakwood Challenge Centre. 

Today we say goodbye to our chicks ....


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Zeus has learnt to eat ...

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And then there were 4...

Year 5 are pleased to announce that we now have 3 chicks!!

We have a chick!!

Well done Year 5 we did it!

As we have just celebrated World Book Day, I thought this was a great opportunity to share one of my new favourite books with you 'The Outsiders' by Michelle Paver originally recommended to me by Miss Todd. It is brilliantly written and if you love all things ancient Greek,  this one is for you. Why not also read some more books by the author of Secrets of a Sun King (another of our favourite novels from this year) by Emma Carroll. She is well known for writing historical fiction. Please let me know if you have any other recommendations. 

Mrs Parker 

Thank you to my Eco Warriors who did a litter pick in the school grounds this week.

Remote Learning for day 1 of Self-Isolation

Reading Comprehension for Children Self isolating (please complete 3 star sheet)

Dear Parents/Carers,

Please find an information video which I have put together on how you can support your child with learning to spell. These strategies can be used during as well as post Lockdown to inspire your child to learn their spellings and retain them.


I have also added a crib sheet of the strategies presented in the video as well as some additional strategies which aren't mentioned in the video.


Next week, the video will be moved to the Video Centre.


I hope you find it useful.




Spelling Strategies.mp4

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Spelling Strategies Crib Sheets

Check out one of our silly paragraphs where we tried to get all of our -ibly -ably spellings into one paragraph :) 


reliably want to tell you, that regrettably your tree was cut down today. Sensibly, the men wore the right equipment, and agreeably cut down the tree down but, incredibly they might have cut down the wrong tree! Possibly, due to your bad instructions. 


How about this one where children were asked to write a paragraph with as many of our homophones in as possible :) 

After the father of the bride had given his assent for his daughter to be married, the wedding party traveled to the Isle of Wight. Many weeks had passed while waiting for the ultimate marriage of the year. They had been waiting for a long time because the bride had to alter her dress and the groom had to find someone to borrow steal a suit from. On the big day the bridal party watched proudly as the bride’s father led the bride past the congregation, down the aisle and towards the altar. The congregation all sang aloud and they could be heard for miles. At the countryside reception, the wine was flowing freely and it had a huge effect on the crowd; they made their ascent to the upper pasture even though the sign said they weren’t allowed. Unfortunately, a herd of cattle and a stray horse followed them. Pandemonium ensued! Luckily the farmer came along and had to take the horse away by its bridle, its steel shoes clip-clopping all the way through the heavy lead gate. The next day revealed that gallivanting in fields would greatly affect the wedding guests’ ability to wake up in time to catch the ferry home.  

Art work inspired by George Braque Still Life

Art work inspired by Picasso's abstract Still Life pieces

Art Work inspired by Henri Matisse and Harman Steenwyk

Year 5 amazing den building

Link for PE Dan the Skipping Man:

Year 5 love reading and recommending books to one another. Try these ....

We have been learning about how scientiļ¬c evidence is used to support and refute ideas, testing the explanations of Aristotle and Galileo about how things fall.

Ancient Egyptians of the 5th Dynasty

Ancient Egyptians of the 5th dynasty working hard on their canopic jars.

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Year 5 Class Reading List

Year 5 and 6 Spelling Word List

Year 5 Parent Information Presentation

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Year 5 Equipment List


Resources List

  • a pencil case that will fit in your tray easily
  • a few writing pencils 
  • coloured pencils 
  • a pencil sharpener
  • a rubber (which doesn't smudge)
  • a ruler (in cm and mm)
  • a couple of purple pens
  • a few highlighters
  • a whiteboard pen (a small whiteboard pen eraser would also be really useful)
  • a glue stick
  • a dictionary (preferably Oxford addition)
  • a notebook (no smaller than A5 preferably with lines)




My 2020 Time Capsule

Covid 19 for Children 


Please find some useful resources below that you might want to share with your children if they are showing any anxiety about the current situation.

Maths Frame

Scatter tables