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Welcome to Year 6


In Year 6 our teacher is Mrs Smith and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Hennessey.



Happy New Year.  Welcome back to the Spring term; here’s hoping that the lighter mornings and evenings come quickly.  This term in English we will be looking at using and writing instructions and explanations; reading Skellig by David Almond; creating a sporting commentary and looking at 'Little Freak'.  In Maths, we will continue to practise and embed the skills required to be excellent mathematicians – using them to help us understand how to solve problems and explain how we have arrived at our answers.

Our History unit this term is Crime and Punishment through the ages, looking at how they have changed.  Science this term will continue with evolution before moving onto Light and Electricity.  We are looking at how charities support those in need during our RE topic about the world around us.  Our Art is inspired by Claude Monet and the use of perspective.  This term our PE units of dance and physical fitness (circuit training) are supplemented by our trip to PGL at Marchants Hill.  The children will experience a range of outdoor activities whilst staying away from home.  This is a short term and we have a lot to pack in.


These are just some of the things we will be covering this term. 





PGL dates: 16th March - 20th March









We will try to keep this page regularly updated with news, information and homework set for the children.  If you are having difficulty opening the PDFs below, please check that your Adobe reader is up-to-date or check the web browser you are using.




Reading Focus: To know that authors use particular language which will have impact on me.

Find examples of figurative language in your reading book.

spelling test 25.2.20

Trip to Reading Museum - 6.11.19

Scatter tables for Times Table Rock Stars

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